About the center


The vision of the LGBTI Support Centre is a society free from discrimination, in which all people enjoy universal human rights and freedoms, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or any other trait.


The mission of the LGBTI Support Centre is strengthening the LGBTI community for self-advocacy, as well as changing the social and legal status of LGBTI people in the Republic of Macedonia.


Diverse. Equal. Free.

Organizational values

The values of the LGBTI Support Centre are based on diversity, equality and freedom. The basis of our actions are founded on universality, solidarity and peace.

1. Inclusiveness

The Centre respects and promotes diversity and strives toward including it in its processes and activities.

2. Equal treatment

Free from prejudice, we respect everyone equally.

3. Confidentiality

You are our priority. We listen to you, we understand you and everything stays between us.

4. Love

Google James Blake for more… <3

5. Teamwork

The support for the individual is a success for our groups, which consist the team of the Centre. We are a big, dynamic family of LGBTI activists, supporters, dreamers…

6. Quality

The dedication of our team is expressed through professionalism, responsibility for timely informing and counseling, as well as education with experts involved.

7. Transparency

The work of the Centre is transparent within the organization, as well as toward the outside.

8. Environmental preservation

The LGBTI Support Centre cares about preservation of the environment.


Who we are

– Fighters and promoters of human rights

– Activists

– Enthusiasts

– Attorneys, economists, mechanics, translators, people involved in literature, political scientists

– Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people

– Anti-heteronormativists

– People of all ages who work toward social changes

Why we exist

– To support LGBTI people

– To strengthen the LGBTI community

– To eradicate stereotypes and prejudice in our society

– To change the social and legal status of LGBTI people in Macedonia

– To increase the visibility of the LGBTI community

– To resist the patriarchal and heteronormative concepts

– To sensitize relevant institutions and the general public

– To strengthen the self-advocacy capacities of the LGBTI community

– To achieve promotion, protection and respect of the rights of LGBTI people

– To monitor existing legislation, its implementation and practice

– To monitor the media

– To build networks of organizations, informal groups and activists on national and international level

Whom we serve

1. The LGBTI community

2. The institutions

3. The entire society

Focus groups

– Lesbians,

– Gay men,

– Bisexuals,

– Trans people,

– Intersex people,

– Their families, friends and supporters.

Target groups

– General population

– Decision-makers

– Representatives of public state institutions on a local and central level

– Young people

– International community

– Civil organizations and informal groups and activists

– Media

Where we operate

Physical locations

a. The Centre

b. MHC

c. State institutions

d. Private institutions

e. Organizations

f. Networks

g. On a national level

h. On a regional level

i. Europe -> Brussels

Areas of practice:

a. Discrimination (all areas)

b. Judiciary -> legal sector

c. Medical field

d. Education

e. Social relations

f. Housing

g. Sport

h. Culture and art

How we operate

Toward the community

– Via organizing self-help groups

– Organizing social activities

In regard to the legal framework and institutions

– Free legal aid

– Monitoring, reporting and lobbying in the legal sector

Toward the public

– Organizing public events, writing brochures, debates and a festival of culture and art

– Working with media