Annual Human Rights Report on Macedonia 2012

In accordance with its mission to monitor the situation with human rights and freedoms in the Republic of Macedonia, every year the Helsinki Committee publishes an Annual Report in which it states its views and opinions regarding all areas relating to human rights and freedoms. The report for 2012 at the same time represents a sublimate of the work of the Committee during the course of the year from the aspect of monitoring the human rights and freedoms about which we prepare monthly reports. It is our assessment that in 2012 there were serious violations to the freedoms and rights of citizens, as well as drastic violations to the principle of rule of law and the legal state. 

Thereby, it is especially worrying that in the reporting year the registered violations of the human rights and freedoms point to not only systemic problems in the functioning of the bodies and institutions but also to abuse of their competences. The Annual Report represents a sublimate of analyses about the established situations regarding the human rights in the following areas:  

• Judiciary • Legislation • Police Conduct • Lustration • Discrimination • Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression 

 • Closed Institutions • Economic and Social Rights • Civil and Political Rights and Freedoms • LGBT Community

Considering that the Constitution and the ratified international agreements guarantee the possibility of realization and protection of the rights and freedoms of people, the Helsinki Committee will continue to monitor the situation with human rights and to promote them and provide legal protection of citizens whose rights and freedoms are violated.

The annual report can be downloaded on the following link

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