Call for participants “Capacity building of youth workers in the area of community LGBTI youth work”

The main idea of the project is to prepare and implement high-quality long-term education course through 4 training courses with the aim to support the professional and personal development of youth work practitioners and activists in the area of developmental community youth work for LGBTI persons.

Through our work so far, we have recognized that many of the LGBTI civil society organizations in the Balkan region are facing the problem of mobilizing LGBTI communities and empowering them.

This project addresses the missing gap in LGBTI movement by providing long-term training course in developmental community youth work for LGBTI youth work practitioners and activists so they can implement high-quality developmental youth work programmes and empower local LGBTI communities in their countries, creating a better-organized group(s) with constructive activities and involvement of a bigger number of community members.

Please find more information here.

Submit your application before 8 November 2017, 23:59 CET here.

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