The Lesbian and feminist support group – LezFem was formed within the LGBTI Support Centre in Skopje. This groups is dedicated to women’s rights, with a special focus on lesbians. The main goal of the group is to point on the problems faced by lesbians in Macedonia, and by the exchange of ideas and their realization into constructive actions, to approach the solution of these problems.

LezFem was formed by spending time together and long conversations between several girls who identify themselves as lesbians, political lesbians, feminists. Our goal is to increase the visibility and political relevance of lesbian and feminist activism and to promote new strategies of resistance against dominant ideological concepts of patriarchy, chauvinism, heteronormativity, nationalism, clericalism. We strive towards creating an authentic political voice, seeking different experiences of women from the past, while we build their significance and continuity today, and also towards political articulation of everyday experiences and social relations among women, not only emotional, but also economic, friendly, professional, and family relations. It is in these women’s realities, and not imaginary lifestyles, that LezFem sees a source of knowledge, values, energy and power.

Our VISION is a world based on the principles of equality and freedom, a world where diversity is praised, not sanctioned.

Our MISSION is strengthening the community of lesbians and bisexual women via self-advocacy, changing the legal and social status of lesbians and bisexual women, strengthening the feminist movement via actions which question heteronormativity in the society, politics, media, academic community, art, culture and women’s movements in Macedonia.

You can find out more about LezFem on the following link.

If any of you are interested in participating in the group or the activities organized by the group, you may reach us on 02 3256 174, 078 252 814 or to send us an email here.