“LGBT Forum Progress” organized training in Podgorica about transgender issues.

“LGBT Forum Progress” in the collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Institute of Montenegro and with the support of the British Embassy in Podgorica organized the training for the healthcare workers about transsexualism and gender confirmation process.

The training was led by Dr. Markovic Dusica Zigic, sex psychiatrist, a specialist in psychiatry Clinical Hospital Center “Dragisa Misovic” from Belgrade, a member of the Belgrade team for gender identity.

The training was attended by members of the Expert Working Group of the Ministry of Health for the development of criteria for gender confirmation process, as well as doctors and professionals in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, psychiatry hospital of Kotor and local health centers.

Dr. Markovic Zigic spoke of transsexuality and its etiology, as well as medical diagnostics and treatment of the transsexualism.

Member of the Management Board of the leading European association “TG Europe” Christian Randjelovic spoke of self-support groups and their role in treatment, legal regulations and international cooperation.

During year Montenegro has made significant progress in regard to the treatment of transgender people in the mental health system.

After a months-long campaign of the NGO “LGBT Forum Progress,” The Government of Montenegro has initiated and the Montenegrin Parliament has adopted amendments to the Law on Health Insurance which now enables the change of sex .

In the past year the direct contact of the health authorities has been made with transgender persons who are interested in the adjustment  of their sex to their gender.

For more information visit the web-site of “LGBT Forum Progress”.

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