The LGBTI Support Centre has the pleasure to invite all interested [but not limited to] youth workers, educators, students, artists, performers, actors, activists to take participation on a full-day theatre workshop titled ”CAN THEATRE BE REVOLUTIONARY?”, organized under the frame of Perform2Reform (P2R) project. The workshop will be let by the actor Deni Stojanov, who has directed the performance “JASNEMA” and has developed the methodology of the project.

THE WORKSHOP: Within the workshop, we will present the methodology used for developing the performance “JASNEMA”. We will begin with mapping the problems and the needs of the LGBTI+ community in the country, what needs to be changed and how can we do it through forms of art. The workshop will introduce participants to the “Theatre for social change” methodology. Using different techniques, improvisations and exercises will demonstrate how powerful tool theater can be in problem-solving and creating changes in society. The participants will experiment with developing scripts and creating performance, based on real bullying events. Through story-telling exercises, we will elaborate on several stories. Those stories will later be used to explore opportunities for creative theatrical expression. For the creation of characters and scenes, we will use an aesthetic form of circus. This form of expression is chosen because it offers opportunities to show in a metaphorical way the insecurity, fear, unity, diversity, danger, risk, shame and pride.

Venue: Kino Kultura

Date: December 14th, 2019

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

THE PROJECT: The Perform2Reform (P2R) project seeks to develop new performing arts and soft skill methodologies to address sexual diversity topics. Five organizations from five European countries bring together their shared knowledge and experience in order to equip youth workers with alternative tools with which to foster inclusion and acceptance among a younger demographic. The diverse and even opposite contexts of Cyprus, Greece, North Macedonia, Slovenia and The Netherlands come together to create powerful and adaptable techniques for youth workers everywhere. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Program of the European Union.


Please note that meals, coffee-breaks and travel expenses will be covered by the organizer. 

The official workshop language is English.

The registration deadline is December 10th , 2019 and it must be done online through this form:


For your inquiries please contact us on


The Perform2Reform (P2R) project is funded under the Eramus+ Key Action 2

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